Web Development: The Importance of UX and Design

The Importance of UX and Design – 4 Crucial Elements

People underestimate the value of UX and design when it comes to web development. Today, we will discuss 4 crucial elements and how they have a direct influence on generating leads and conversions through your website. There are millions of Google searches in South Africa happening every day, and this is where our discussion will start – with Susan googling “women’s hair salon Pretoria”.

1. The User’s Journey to Your Website

The average Google user has a very short attention/interest span, wanting immediate results and not willing to wait around while a website takes its sweet time to load. The internet is more accessible than ever, and connections speeds are picking up as well, especially with the recent introduction of fibre in South Africa. The majority of internet users are on mobile devices, with smartphones being at the top of the list. Taking these elements into consideration, you need a website that is not only optimised for search engines, but also has quick loading times and can properly display on mobile devices.

Getting back to our story, once Susan googles “women’s hair salon Pretoria”, Google will display a list of search results and paid ads to match the search term. Susan is likely to click on the most attractive listing – the one that piques her interest the most – and expects that website to load quickly and give her the information that she wants in a blink of an eye. This brings us to the design elements and user experience once someone lands on your website.

2. UX and Website Design Elements – A Determining Factor for Conversions

Susan has clicked through to a website and here comes the first test – loading times.

The faster that the website loads up, the better the initial user experience will be for Susan, and the smaller the chances will be that she will instantly go back to her previous search results. Along with this, the website design should be responsive to ensure that Susan can see the website in its intended scale – whether she is on her smartphone or her laptop. Otherwise, she will have a difficult time to navigate the website and find the information that she wants.

3. The Home Page – Your Website’s Main Entrance

Susan’s device has loaded up the website and now she is on the home page. The header of the home page should allow Susan to navigate to where she wants to go, ensuring that she can find her way without any hassle.

If Susan wants to contact the hair salon, their contact details should also be visible on the home page for optimal user experience. The home page’s content is an ideal opportunity to grab Susan’s attention as well, playing a determining factor in keeping her interest.

4. From Googling to Converting in Seconds

Susan googled “women’s hair salon Pretoria”, found a hair salon in her area, clicked through to their website, and got their contact information all within a span of 8 to 12 seconds, which is the average attention/interest span of a Google user. This led to a conversion for that hair salon and getting someone’s business within a matter of seconds by ensuring that their website is accessible, user-friendly, responsive, informative, and optimised for search engines.

The user experience and design elements of your website are crucial to the performance and conversion generation of your website. Therefore, when you want to redesign your website or build a new one from scratch, you can trust Laetus Life Consulting’s experts to deliver web development and online marketing solutions to bring out the very best in your website.

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