The Importance of Social Media Marketing

COVID-19 had an undeniable impact on social media statistics over the past 2 years. During the lockdowns, people turned to their mobile devices as a means of staying touch with their friends, family, and loved ones. In South Africa, Facebook and Instagram are the 2 most popular social media platforms, with the majority of users in South Africa accessing and utilising these platforms from the comfort of their mobile smartphones and tablets. This creates a unique marketing opportunity for your business, and with Laetus Life on your side, we can help you with professional social media marketing solutions!

Why does your business need Social Media Marketing?

Having a social media account for your business allows you to have a direct link of communication to your followers. This gives you a unique and powerful platform for marketing and promotional purposes that extends past basic ads. One of the biggest upsides to social media marketing is being relatable to your followers. This means that you can promote and market your products and/or services in such a way that your followers can interact with your posts by liking and sharing your content.

Looking at the Statistics

According to the latest statistics throughout 2021, about 60% of social media users in South Africa choose Facebook as their preferred platform, with Instagram on its heels. YouTube and Twitter are also seeing a rise in users, while platforms such as Pinterest and Reddit are dropping off.

South Africans flock to these platforms to connect with friends and family and stay up to date with the latest from the brands that they are interested in. Therefore, as a South African business, you can seize the opportunity to build an audience that can interact with you directly and to whom you can market and promote your products/services directly.

Tell Your Story with Social Media Marketing

There is always a story behind a business, and with social media marketing, you can tell your story without any limits. People love to relate to posts on social media, whether it is something that they are specifically interested in or something that they can share with their online connections.

Relevance is key when it comes to social media marketing, as your followers choose to follow your account to get all the latest news, updates, and promotions directly form the source. Here lies your unique moment to tell your story and let your followers get an exclusive insight to what you want them to know about your products/services.

Timing is Everything

People usually log into their social media accounts during their breaks at work or when they want to kick back and relax for a moment. As a result, you can grab their undivided attention when they see a post that piques their interest.

Timing is everything, as social media platforms tends to cycle through trends very quickly. Therefore, if your business is trending on social media, you should ride the wave and capitalise on that specific moment before it passes. This is your opportunity to approach your audience on a social level – letting them interact with their thoughts, opinions, and expressions on your products/services.

As more and more South Africans turn to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in 2022, your business can seize the moment and grow an audience on these platforms with Laetus Life on your side. This gives you the means to grow your business, promote brand awareness, and have a direct connection to your followers to get a better understanding of what they expect from your brand. Their opinions on your brand, products, services, and promotions can serve as an invaluable source of customer feedback, allowing your business to reach new heights by giving your customers what they want and expect from you throughout 2022.

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