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Online Marketing has become a pivotal part of any marketing strategy for businesses around the world. By utilising the internet and its various platforms, businesses can reach a wider audience and attract more website traffic to lead to increased sales and more productive business solutions.

We will leverage web-based channels to connect with your customers through engaging content relating to your brand, products, and services. This is a combination of Social Media marketing, Search and Display advertising on Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, and Email Marketing.

Marketing Your Business on Social Media Platforms

We focus on 3 specific social media platforms:

The number of Facebook users alone in South Africa is listed at approximately 23 million users in 2020, with a steady increase in users predicted over the next 3 years. Therefore, Social Media Marketing can reach a broad audience and introduce your brand to new eyes, which can lead to more website traffic and more business for your company. Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give your business a unique opportunity to get direct feedback from your customers and engage on a social level with your followers. LinkedIn, on the other hand, provides a professional environment that can also be used for job recruitment.

Social Media Account Management Solutions

From basic content design to Social Media Marketing Strategies, we can take care of your account management to give you the peace of mind that your presence on social media is in good hands! We also offer limited community management solutions. We can create and compile sharable social media content such as BLOG articles and product photos to fit your business needs when it comes to relevant and consistent posts and ads on social media platforms. We can also assist with content generation if a client requests that we take photos and shoot videos of their products and/or services.

Social Media Marketing as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing can boost brand awareness and give your customers a platform where they can interact directly with your brand. Together with a solid Google Ads campaign, you have an opportunity to drive more traffic to your website from various digital platforms that have millions of users. SEO comes into the picture as well, optimising your website to create conversions and bring in more business for your company. With us on your side, your Digital Marketing can expand to new heights!


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