Internal vs. External Marketing Teams – Which Will Be Best for My Business?

Running a business is stressful and demanding, with several responsibilities that fall on your shoulders to ensure that your business is successful. One of the biggest driving factors of success behind any business brings us to marketing.

In a time where the internet has more users than ever, online marketing can play a pivotal role in your company’s marketing strategy, leading to today’s point of discussion: Internal vs. external marketing teams – which will be best for my business? Today, we will look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of both internal and external digital marketing teams for your company.

An External Marketing Team – The Benefits and Drawbacks

Hiring an external digital marketing team for your business seems like the smart and reasonable choice if you want specialists in SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, and web development. Digital marketing is a time-consuming process, and with an external marketing team, you can put such responsibilities on an external team as opposed to finding an in-house solution or doing it yourself.

Since digital marketing is such a specialised industry, trusting experts in this field will give your company the means to grow your digital presence and optimise your digital marketing campaigns with their knowledge, experience, and expertise on your side. An external team will also resort in more firepower, as you get up to 4 people working on your campaigns for the price of hiring a single in-house person. With Google and Facebook algorithms constantly changing, you can trust your experts to be on top of these changes and make the necessary adjustments to your digital campaigns and website.

Although there are several benefits, there might be some drawbacks as well when choosing an external marketing team. The familiarisation process can take a while when your external team is not knowledgeable about your industry or familiar with your brand or products/services. External teams also have multiple clients that pay for their time and services. On top of that, an external team will be in control of your online marketing campaigns, meaning that you must consult them when you want to make changes to your digital ad campaigns. However, this also means that they can give you their professional opinion about changes to your campaigns and how such changes may influence the performance of your campaigns.

An Internal Marketing Team – The Benefits and Drawbacks

If you choose to go the alternative route and hire an internal marketing team to handle your digital marketing, you can trust on their knowledge of your company, brand, and products/services to avoid a familiarisation process and hit the ground running. You will also have their undivided attention, as an internal team will only work for your business and not have additional clients to satisfy. Although this sounds well and good, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Hiring an internal team can cost you more in comparison to opting for an external team, as you will hire individuals to make up such a team and must pay them salaries in accordance with their fields of specialisation. To add to this, it is exceedingly challenging to find a true specialist in the field of digital marketing, which means that you will probably end up hiring someone who is a “Jack of all trades” in this industry, but a “master of none”. This also means that your team will comprise of less people working on your digital marketing efforts and strategies in comparison to hiring an external team. No matter which way you go, Laetus Life Consulting can be your business partner in digital marketing!

How Can We Help You?

We offer complete digital marketing solutions for your business, covering elements such as SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing to only name a few. We can also assist with web development, website maintenance, and eCommerce sites. Some of our clients have an internal marketing team and we offer our assistance in areas where their team needs it most, whether it is because of a skills shortage or a capacity issue. Whether it is SEO, content creation, Google Ads campaign management, or website maintenance, we can assist your internal team where they might fall short in terms of expertise, knowledge about the digital marketing business, or being spread too thin in general.

On the other hand, we are completely capable and comfortable to take over your digital marketing as an external team as well. Laetus Life takes pride in the fact that we can truly integrate with your team. Although we are an external team, we will eventually become part of your team. Therefore, you can trust that Laetus Life Consulting can take your digital marketing efforts to new levels of efficiency, whether you want to hire us as your external team or to assist your internal team.

Contact us today for any enquiries, and let us help you grow your business on a digital front.

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