9 Interesting Facts About Google Ads

Did you know that Laetus Life can assist your business with digital marketing solutions such as SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads campaigns?

These terms may sound foreign to you if you have never considered digital marketing for your business, so today, we will discuss some interesting facts about Google Ads and how your business can use Google Ads to your advantage!

1. What is Google Ads?

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is one of the most effective digital marketing tools for businesses that want to run an ads campaign online. Google Ads cover search and display ads, as well as video ads on YouTube – currently owned by Google.

2. How Does Google Ads Work?

Originally, Google AdWords allowed businesses to advertise directly on Google search results, showing up above the organic search results when someone googles a relevant search term or keyword and falls within your target demographic. Today, Google Ads also include display banners on  a website that displays Google Ads, and video ads that run on the largest video sharing service – YouTube.

3. How Do I Pay for Google Ads?

When setting up a Google Ads campaign, whether it is for search, display, or video ads, you will have a monthly budget that will be allocated to your campaign. The campaign can be optimised to target specific demographics, search terms, and audiences that are relevant to your business, along with setting up daily budgets to further optimise your campaign.

4. How Does Search Advertising Work?

Search ads display first when someone googles something, above the organic search results, and with an ad tag to let the user know that the specific result is, in fact, an ad. These ads will display in a bidding order and can be used to directly target specific keywords and search terms, along with specific locations, countries, and demographics.

5. What About Display Ads?

Display ads utilise banners/images to advertise on websites that have Google Ads space. Based on personalised search history, display ads are personalised to each user to ensure that the relevance of such ads is aligned with the user. For example, if you run display ads on a new line of shoes that your company is selling, someone who browses the internet for shoes are likely to see your display ads, if they fall within your target demographic and location.

6. Video Ads on YouTube

Have you ever clicked on a YouTube video and suddenly an ad pops up? Sometimes, it is a short non-skippable ad, and other times you are able to skip the ad after a couple of seconds.

From a business point of view, you can utilise video ads for promotional and/or informative purposes. For example, if you run a special promotion on a specific product, you can make a short video to get the word out on your promotion; or you can run an elaborate ad that explains your product/service to your customers – how to properly use it, how it functions, etc.

7. Can I Track My Google Ads Campaign Performance?

The simple answer is yes! Google Analytics allows us to track and report on your Google Ads campaign in meticulous detail. This also helps us to optimise your campaign – whether it is budget adjustments, keyword inclusions, target audiences, or specific times that your ads will run.

8. Below-The-Line Marketing on a Digital Front

Google Ads can be considered as below-the-line marketing on a digital platform that directly addresses the user, whether it is through Google search, display, or YouTube video ads. This speaks to the efficiency of Google Ads, giving your company the means to advertise to a focused target audience.

9. Accompanying Google Ads with SEO

Google Ads drive traffic to your website with the intent to convert into business for your company. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) optimises your website to meet Google requirements and guidelines, which will not only boost your organic rankings on Google search results, but also ensure that your website is functional for users. Therefore, Google Ads go perfectly with SEO and SEO maintenance.

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