5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs SEO

The internet opens a new world of possibility for businesses, no matter where you are in the world. In South Africa, you will be surprised by the sheer amount of Googling that happens daily, not to mention the social media and YouTube users. Digital marketing puts your business on the map, utilising social media platforms, Google, and your own website to drive more traffic to your website and create conversions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a crucial part of digital marketing, ensuring that your website is optimised in accordance with Google recommendations, leading to organic traffic leads and conversions. Here are 5 reasons why your company needs SEO to fully take advantage of digital marketing solutions:

1. Google, Google, Google

Google is the largest and most frequently used search engine, not only in South Africa, but all over the world. Metaphorically, you can refer to Google as one of the busiest highways on the internet. This digital highway can take you directly to where you want to go by simply typing in what you want as a search term. SEO allows Google to navigate people directly to your website, making it one of the most prevalent forms of digital marketing! Therefore, if you have a fully optimised website, your website will climb in ranking regarding specific search terms that are relevant to the content on your website and your products/services.

2. Generate Leads Without Paying for Ads

SEO is a feasible way to generate leads for your website without having to pay for search and display ads. This is why we refer to SEO generating “organic” leads instead of paid leads. When you Google something, you get a list of relevant organic listings and website links in direct relation to your search term. SEO allows your website to rank on these search results when a relevant and/or targeted term is typed into Google. For example, if you run a unisex hair salon in Pretoria, you want your business to pop up when someone Googles “unisex hair salon Pretoria”. By optimising your website in accordance with Google recommendations, your website will rank higher and higher to ensure that more people click through to your business, generating new customers on an online platform through organic search ranking.

3. SEO Maintenance to Keep in the Loop

Google strives to provide the best online search engine for internet users worldwide. Therefore, they will consistently update their recommendations regarding website optimisation and how their crawler bots collect data on your website. As a result, your website will fall behind if it is not maintained to current recommendations, to a point where old and outdated SEO methods can penalise your website and see a noticeable drop in organic search rankings/results.

4. Trust Your SEO Expert

Since SEO and digital marketing is still a fresh industry in South Africa, everyone claims to be an expert in the field. By incorporating SEO into your digital marketing campaign with Laetus Life, you can trust your SEO expert to deliver up-to-date solutions to elevate your organic rankings and work towards increasing organic traffic that is driven to your website through Google search. Now, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your website is in good hands with a professional SEO expert at the helm.

5. Making the Most of Your Digital Presence

With a fully optimised website, Google crawler bots can rank your website accordingly when matching it with relevant search terms. Laetus Life can deliver monthly reports on how your website and digital marketing campaigns performed by using Google Analytics to accurately track leads, conversions, and keyword rankings for your business. A fully optimised website also allows you to drive traffic to your website through social media marketing, ensuring that people who visit your website can get what they are looking for.

With Leatus Life on your side, your business can make the most of digital marketing and SEO, giving you a digital presence and driving new customers to your business. Carpe Diem, seize the day, and take advantage of digital marketing with Laetus Life as your partner in business!

Don\’t wait any longer. Let us help you get through this trying time.

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