Your Answer to Google Marketing in Gauteng

Do you want to try out Google marketing for your company in Gauteng? Laetus Life Consulting is your comprehensive answer! Our all-inclusive range of online marketing solutions includes Google Ads campaign setup and management, as well as complete SEO solutions and web development services, to ensure that you can get the best out of your website and ad campaigns.

In this article, we discuss the functionality of running a Google Ads campaign for your business and the benefits that you can reap from such a campaign.

Why Should I Consider a Google Ads Campaign for My Business?

The internet has been around for a couple of decades and people have become reliant on the internet as their primary source of information. The amount of daily Google searches in South Africa is deep in the millions – creating a perfect opportunity to run a below-the-line marketing campaign that targets specific areas, demographics, age groups, and other metrics. As a Google marketing company in Gauteng, our experts can assist you with the setup, management, and optimisation of your Google Ads campaign.

What is a PMAX Campaign?

 A Performance Max campaign, or PMAX for short, is a goal-based campaign type that gives the advertiser an opportunity to access their entire Google Ads inventory from a single campaign and is specifically designed to complement a keyword-based Search campaign.

PMAX campaigns can assist with finding more converting customers, based on their intents and interests, by utilising all of Google’s advertising channels. These channels include YouTube, Search, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. As a result, a PMAX campaign requires and takes advantage of various media types to cast a wider proverbial net for your business.

The Benefits of Google Marketing

Gauteng is South Africa’s most densely populated province. Therefore, by running a Google Ads campaign that targets areas in this province, you will put yourself on the digital map and gain access to marketing opportunities for users who google relevant keywords and search terms.

For example, if you sell shoes in Lynnwood, Google will display your ads if someone in your area googles a relevant term, such as “buy shoes in Lynnwood”. As a result, that user can be directed to your website and learn more about your offerings to find the ideal pair of shoes that they want to buy.

Laetus Life Consulting is your first choice in a Google marketing company in Gauteng! Feel free to browse our website for details on how we can assist your business with online marketing solutions and contact us directly with any questions. Make the most of your Google Ads campaigns with us on your side!

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