The Role of Keywords in My Digital Marketing Strategy

Keywords play a definitive role when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing agencies normally ask their prospective clients for a keyword list of potential keywords and search terms that are relevant to their business. This gives the agency a good understanding of your business, the industry that you operate in, your target demographic, and your goals.

Keywords and Their Function

Let’s take an example of a business that wants to start with online marketing. This business bakes fresh pies every day and offers a delivery service. They are in Waverley, Pretoria. When asked for a keyword list, their keywords can include “fresh pies for sale”, “food delivery service Pretoria”, and “pies in Waverley” to name a few examples.

These keywords form a solid base from which a digital marketing company can work off. With every monthly report, keywords and search terms are tracked and reported on to show which keywords and search terms performed the best during that month. From here, keywords can be switched out for more relevant targeting and optimal results.

How Do Keywords Form Part of My Marketing Strategy?

Keywords and search terms are the basic and fundamental building blocks on which your digital marketing strategy is built. As a business, you should have a clear vision and mission on what you want to accomplish, what your function as a business is and can be, and where you want to take your business in the future.

This concept translates into relevant keywords and search terms for online marketing purposes. Therefore, when your digital marketing agency asks you for a keyword list, you are responsible to translate your goals, functions as a business, products, and services through your keyword list. These keywords and search terms will be targeted specifically when someone uses Google.

Falling back on our previous example, when someone googles “fresh pies for sale” and are in Waverley or in close vicinity, their business is likely to pop up under the organic results, as it is a relevant search term that has been searched in their geographic target location. This brings us to Google Ads. Taking the same example, your search ad will pop up on relevant search terms under the “Sponsored” section.

How Frequently Should I Update My Keywords?

There is no definitive timeline for updating your keywords. However, it is always a good idea to revisit your keywords every quarter. It is also a good idea to insert or focus on specific keywords during specific times of the year or when you are running a promotion.

What About PMAX Campaigns?

With the introduction of Performance MAX, or PMAX campaigns, relevant keywords and search terms are pivotal for the AI learning algorithms to identify and target potential users that might be interested in your products and services.

Although PMAX campaigns go beyond the singular focus of keywords, your initial keyword list will guide the AI in the right direction from which they can learn, adapt, and deliver optimal results on Google’s entire advertising network that include search, display, and video ads.

You should never underestimate or downplay the value of keywords and search terms for your online marketing strategies. As a business, you should also be capable of compiling a keyword list that accurately represents your business, products, services, goals, and target demographic.

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