What Will 2024 Hold for Digital Marketing?

The world of digital marketing is an ever-growing and rapidly evolving industry that sees constant updates, changes, and new implementations of various platforms, apps, and utilisations to get the most out of Google marketing services and search engine optimisation (SEO). Today, we take the time to look into the future and discuss what 2024 will hold for digital marketing.

The Importance of Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising refers to ads that appear on pages that are relevant to specific products or services via the Google Display network. In 2024, this type of advertising is set to become even more relevant and should not be overlooked as a feasible marketing strategy for your products/services.

Internet users have a more positive perception on contextual ads and are more likely to click on these ads as a result, as they are displayed in a relevant context and based on the user’s specific interests.

Rise of The Machines

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be emphasised during the upcoming year of 2024 – with Google leading the way regarding AI-based search results that aim to be more relevant and accurate in relation with specific search terms. When it comes to targeted advertising, both these elements are starting to play more prevalent roles – by utilising complex learning algorithms to achieve more desirable results and increase user experience on various search platforms.

The world of digital marketing has been using machine learning for quite some time, mostly to benefit from the learning algorithms and deliver smarter strategies for advertising campaigns. With the addition of AI, it is difficult to make any definitive predictions, other than the increased role that AI will play in various elements of digital marketing and advertising.

Social Media Explosion

Since the dawn of social media in the late 2000s, many people have used these platforms for various reasons – mostly to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. Today, platforms such as TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter) are commonly used for various media to be uploaded and viewed by the masses.

These platforms will become even more relevant during 2024, as user numbers increase, and social media relevance take off into the hemisphere.

Platforms such as YouTube should not be forgotten either. Video ads will become more relevant during 2024 as well, with an increasingly positive upwards-trending curve regarding users’ reactions to YouTube video ads and their relevance.

Take It to the (P)MAX

Performance Max (PMAX) campaigns are on the rise and should become even more popular and relevant throughout 2024. By covering every platform of Google’s advertising channels, a PMAX campaign utilises various media types to cast a wider net and drive more converting business to your website and online channels.

Featuring a variety of machine learning algorithms, a PMAX campaign can work to the benefit of your business and build your brand accordingly with relevant and contextual advertising solutions.

Nobody can truly predict what the future of digital marketing holds for us in 2024. However, you can always trust your experts to be in the loop and deliver accommodating online marketing solutions for your business.

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