The Importance of Website Maintenance

We live in a time where we can buy anything online and/or use Google to answer any questions that we have. Because of the way that we have integrated Google and the internet as part of our daily lives, it has become crucial to consider website maintenance when running a business. Having a website is great, but your website can get stale pretty quickly if you do not perform monthly website maintenance, and here’s why:

Keeping Your Website Content Current and Relevant

When you have a business, your website must act as a digital source of information and/or storefront for your customers. When someone visits your website, they want to see the latest news and updates, along with the latest products/services that are on offer. With recurring website maintenance, new content can be uploaded to keep your website relevant and fresh.

Protecting Your Website from Hackers

People underestimate the possibility of cyber-attacks on their websites, until one morning they open their website and find that everything has been replaced with gibberish. Cyber-attacks can be devastating to any business, especially when nobody notices the hack. This brings us back to the importance of regulatory website maintenance – allowing your expert to pick up bugs and potential threats.

Optimising the User Experience

When someone visits your website, you want them to contact your business, request a quotation, or purchase one of your products directly from your website. User experience (UX) plays a large role in turning leads into conversions, and with regulatory website maintenance, you can ensure that your website is responsive and accessible for users across any platform, especially mobile devices.

Various SEO Benefits

Website maintenance falls under an SEO package that aims to improve your organic rankings on Google and drive more traffic to your website. With monthly website maintenance, your website can keep up to date with the latest Google search algorithms to help Google identify content on your website and boost your organic rankings for relevant search terms.

Keeping Track of Your Website’s Performance

Monthly SEO reporting will give you a comprehensive rundown on the performance of your website and the latest keyword rankings on Google. With monthly website maintenance, the data of the monthly reports can be utilised to optimise your website for the upcoming months. It can also be used as a direct measuring tool to adjust campaigns and identify areas where the UX can be improved for an even better visitor experience.

Connecting to Your Audience

Your website can be a platform for you to directly connect to your audience. Website maintenance allows you to keep your website fresh with new content and deliver the latest news from the source to your audience. This also ties in with social media marketing – where you have a direct line of communication with your followers.

Customer satisfaction is a pivotal element of continual business. If you keep your customers in the loop and satisfied with your products/services, you will work towards brand conviction and ensure future business from your customers. It can all start with your website and online presence.

When you need a team with experts in SEO, website maintenance, and social media marketing, Laetus Life Consulting is your answer! 2023 is around the corner and can be a fruitful year for your business with proper website maintenance and online marketing solutions to drive your brand online.

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