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Several businesses around the world made a pivot to digital platforms over the past 2 years as a result of COVID-19. Although the majority believed that the lockdowns will permanently cripple their country’s economy, the opposite proved to be true – with a large influx of businesses being even more successful after making the digital pivot. Online marketing and SEO play crucial roles in the success of a digital pivot, and today, we will discuss how Laetus Life Consulting can assist your business as an SEO agency in Pretoria.

Bring Out the Best in Your Website

As a business in today’s world, having a website is vital – whether your website serves as an information hub about your products/services or as an eCommerce site that allows you to sell directly to your customers. If your business does not yet have a website, we can assist with our all-inclusive range of online marketing and SEO solutions that include web development. If your business already has a website, we can start by optimising your website to better suit the requirements and regulations set by Google – the world’s largest online search engine.

How Can SEO Improve My Website?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a long-term online marketing solution that works towards driving traffic to your website organically. In other words, SEO can generate leads for your business without the need to run paid ads on the Google Ads platform. This is accomplished by aligning your website with current and updated Google algorithms to make it easier and more accessible for Google’s crawler bots to recognise and index relevant information on your website. In turn, when someone googles a relevant search term, your website will rank higher for that specific term – driving organic traffic to your website as a result.

SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance ensures that your website stays up to date with the latest algorithm updates and changes from Google. Since Google operates the largest and most frequently used search engine in the world, it is only natural for them to ensure that people who use their platform will get the best possible search results to match their search terms. As your SEO agency in Pretoria, we can deliver on SEO foundation and maintenance solutions for your website, along with other elements of online marketing to drive more traffic to your website and grow your online brand and presence accordingly.

Choose Laetus Life Consulting as your SEO Agency in Pretoria today and make the most of your website and online presence with us on your side.

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