Marketing Platforms That Should Be Considered When Compiling A Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to approach marketing strategies for your business. One of the most important aspects is to consider the different marketing platforms that would work best for your business.

Most of these platforms moved to the digital space, where more users can be targeted when browsing and using the internet. When your business compiles a marketing strategy, digital marketing should be in the mix as well. Commonly, South Africans are not familiar with how digital marketing works. Today, we will touch on the subject and delve into some detail.

Apart from traditional marketing strategies that normally involved television and radio ads, billboards, and flyers, there is a whole new frontier of digital marketing platforms to take advantage of.

The internet features platforms such as YouTube and Spotify that silently took over the market for visual and aural entertainment. Podcasts have grown in popularity, as well as live gaming streams. These forms of entertainment might not be relevant to your business, but strongly influences the way a modern business should approach and embrace digital marketing.

Marketing on social media platforms has seen an increase over the past decade. More people use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to communicate in a social or professional environment online. Breaking news from across the world can also be found on these platforms, making them even more popular than ever before. Therefore, a successful social media campaign can pay off when approached correctly. Digital marketing extends to a platform such as Google as well, where payed ads and search engine optimisation can deliver leads for your business. As a result, it is pivotal to have a strong online presence for your business.

To establish an online presence, your digital marketing strategy should cover different marketing platforms. Paid Google ads will target relevant Google searches, which covers a large portion of traffic that goes to websites. By optimising your site for these ads, you can rest assured that people can find the info that they need when clicking on your ad, as opposed to endlessly browsing your site in search of what they want. Video-based platforms such as YouTube and Twitch can display a short video ad as well.

When combining this with Google ads and social media marketing, your business can start taking advantage of a sound digital marketing strategy that spans over several platforms. The digital frontier might be daunting but holds many opportunities for your business. Grab them today and start generating business through your website and online presence to get with the times and expand your marketing reach.

Don\’t wait any longer. Let us help you compile a marketing strategy that works. 

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