The Importance of Having a Brand Voice and Supporting That with Good Copy

Building a brand is very challenging in such a saturated market that is modern society. Although it is still possible to achieve it, most brands have earned their conviction before digital information technology and capitalism met on the internet.

Today, if you have a brand, you require several factors to not only reach your customers, but earn their conviction, referring to their preferred brand regarding certain products. Marketing is the key element to building your brand. Various companies have taken advantage of unique marketing strategies to earn the conviction of their customers.

Brand ambassadors act as voices for your brand in a modern society where social media reigns supreme. People would rather follow a celebrity on Twitter who speaks about a specific product than do their own research.

Therefore, it is important to have good, supporting copy for your customers to relate to when they hear about a new product. Let’s create an example for such a scenario:

When a professional athlete talks about their experience with a new brand of energy drink, most people will follow a posted link or Google that product, leading them to the manufacturer of that energy drink. The manufacturer should have solid copy about the product on their website that can be consumed by the millions of eyes interested in the specific product.

In this case, the athlete acted as a brand voice for a specific product and brand, which led to people wanting to either buy the product or know more about it. Both these channels can be addressed with good copy, informing the readers about the product, which can also translate into sales. Sales are commonly done through eCommerce websites today, where someone can safely enter their credentials and shop online. Should your brand have such a site, which is highly recommended, the copy on your site should be informative, easy to read, and to the point for fast digestion.

Having a brand voice is priceless when considering social media and other digital platforms that fall within your target market.

Back to the energy drink example, such a product can be targeted at a much wider audience than just the followers of 1 professional athlete. Video streaming is a growing market that features gaming, lifestyle, podcasts, and more. By getting multiple brand ambassadors, you will widely increase the range of your voice to target more potential customers for your brand.

This is the power of having a brand voice and an online presence, with well-written copy and relevant content on your website to generate possible sales from the large influx of leads from your brand voice.

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