Why Marketing Companies Have Flexible Price Lists

When your company considers online marketing for the new year, it is important to keep in mind that your price list will depend on the specific services that you want and need to reach your goals. Online marketing includes a plethora of services that covers SEO, Google Ads setup and management, web development, copywriting, website content creation, and social media marketing.

Based on your selection of services and whether you want once-off or recurring solutions, your price list will portray pricings accordingly. Today, we talk about why marketing companies have flexible price lists and what you can expect when choosing Laetus Life Consulting for your online marketing solutions in 2024.

The Difference Between Once-Off and Recurring Services

With such a wide selection of online marketing solutions, these services are divided into once-off and recurring sections – with some services falling under both brackets. Once-off services include website development, static website content, and an initial SEO foundation to only cover a few options. Recurring services include monthly SEO maintenance, SEO copywriting, Google Ads management, and social media content and ads management, among other options. As a result, the prices will reflect your choices and preferences regarding the type of services that you require from your online marketing company.

Tailored to Your Needs

When it comes to running Google Ads campaigns, there is no set price list to ensure that you can achieve your goals. It all depends on your available budget and the sector in which your business operates. Based on these primary factors, an initial foundation can be put in place to determine the performance of your campaign and what you can expect in terms of ROI and lead generation for your website.

Monthly reports will allow you an insight into your ongoing Google Ads campaigns – with suggestions from our experts regarding monthly budgets and targeted keywords/search terms. If you want to be more aggressive with your current campaign, you can increase the monthly budget to increase the amount of pay-per-click ads that can be allocated to your campaign. This can increase the amount of possible leads that can be generated from your ads, as well as impressions that could occur while your daily budget is still intact.

Once-Off Solutions

When your business wants to run a promotional Google Ads campaign over a short period that promotes an upcoming event or new product, your online marketing company will determine an accurate price list that can include various additional extras, dependent on your specific needs. For example, during such a promotional event, social media ads and content management can work to your favour and extend the reach of your campaign.

Recurring Solutions

Online marketing usually has customers opting for recurring services such as SEO, recurring Google Ads campaigns, and social media marketing. In some cases, a business might require a brand-new website that must be built from the ground up to get to a place where recurring solutions are feasible. In the end, you want a website that is consistently maintained to keep up with Google’s search algorithms and drive more organic traffic to your website as a result.

When your business enquires about online marketing, you can expect a flexible price list that reflects your specific requirements and suggests various packages to suit your needs and budgets. Laetus Life Consulting is your answer in an online marketing company in Pretoria for 2024!

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