When Should I Start Marketing for Silly Season?

Silly season is a term that relates to that time of the year when nothing is going on and the mainstream media would often focus on trivial and frivolous matters because of a mere lack of major news stories. For example, major sports are in silly season during off-season periods – which are normally during the summer. However, in the southern hemisphere, our summertime hits over Black Friday and Christmas – usually the busiest time of year for most businesses.

In South Africa, we call this time of year “Silly Season”. As a business owner, you must be prepared for silly season and ready to start your marketing endeavours at the perfect time. Today, we will discuss the ideal time to start marketing for silly season and how your business can approach this unique and crazy time of the year in terms of online marketing.

When Does Silly Season Kick Off?

People would start Christmas shopping as soon as October to give them enough time to get gifts for everybody in their lives. On top of this, Black Friday happens at the end of November, which is a perfect opportunity to offer your customers undeniable discounts on your products/services. Silly season kicks off around the end of October, and if your business did not properly prepare and plan for silly season, you might miss the entire hype train!

How Should I Approach Silly Season?

As a business owner in South Africa, you want people to have your brand in mind when silly season hits. You want to create hype around your products/services before silly season hits to ensure that there is a buzz around your brand at the beginning of October. Therefore, by starting your planning early, you can implement a solid marketing strategy to maximise your sales during the festive season.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

These 5 Ps will ensure that you are ready for silly season. Start your planning early, as soon as July, to come up with a sound marketing strategy that you can start promoting as soon as September. As a result, people will take note of your brand and the various specials that they can expect to see during silly season. Laetus Life Consulting can assist your business to carefully plan and execute your silly season marketing strategy!

Targeting the Online Shoppers

Online shopping is one of the most accessible and comfortable ways to get Christmas shopping done from home, work, or wherever else. We can manage Google Ads and social media marketing campaigns for your business during this time of year that allows you to target online shoppers when they are Christmas shopping. Black Friday is also a major contender for businesses to drive more sales – with the primary focus on cutting down prices with excellent discounts that intrigue the impulsive shopper in us all.

Prepare for the Next Silly Season!

Large brands utilise the gathered data and analytics from the current year’s silly season to prepare for next year. By analysing the data, they can identify areas where they can improve and maximise their profits during this unique time of the year. It is a constant loop of improvement and trial-and-error concepts to get it right each year.

This year, you can trust Laetus Life Consulting to be in your corner regarding online marketing strategies and campaign management for silly season. Make the most of this time of year with us on your side!

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