Think Outside the Box and Dominate Your Market!

Business owners – the time has come to think outside the box and dominate your market with online marketing solutions from Laetus Life! The internet has turned the world of marketing on its head and has become a consumer-driven market where you should approach marketing on different levels and make it easy for your customers to find you and buy your products/services online.

What Does it Mean to Think Outside the Box with Marketing?

Your business needs a unique angle when it comes to marketing. Living in a world where people grab their smartphones and google almost everything, consumers expect easy access to products and services on demand. Thankfully, Google offers a platform for businesses to give them the means to advertise over several forms of media that include video ads on YouTube as well.

To think outside the box, your business must break away from the expected “norms” and offer something completely out of left field – something truly unique and unexpected – to hype up your brand and get people talking about your new product/service. This is where social media platforms come into the picture.

How Can I Utilise Social Media Platforms for Marketing Purposes?

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give you a direct portal to your fans/customers/followers. If someone loves your brand, they are most likely to follow your brand’s page on social media for all the latest news, promotions, and posts that come directly from the source. This is where thinking outside the box can assist you to truly dominate your market – by shifting your viewpoint to that of your customer.

If you have a personal social media account on Instagram, for example, your “following” list will include accounts of brands, businesses, social media influencers, and celebrities that you are interested in. Why do you follow these specific accounts? Why, to keep up with all the latest developments, of course!

You WANT to know when something new and exciting drops, you NEED to be informed on the latest news, and you MUST react and give your thoughts on posts as they go live. THIS is the perspective of your customers. Now, you can take advantage of it in terms of marketing!

Identifying a Problem and Being the Solution

FlySafair has recently posted on their social media feeds that they will offer a limited sale of domestic flight tickets at the mind-blowing price of only R8 per ticket. This seems like a poor judgement call on their behalf when you think of how much money they will lose. However, this specific marketing campaign generated millions of responses that, in turn, created priceless PR for their brand. Today, FlySafair is a well-known brand among South Africans as a direct result of this marketing campaign – an ideal example of thinking outside the box.

By identifying a problem in your market, like the way FlySafair identified that domestic flight ticket prices are incredibly high, you can offer a solution that redefines your market, like offering R8 domestic flight tickets for a limited time. You want to be the hype and trend on social media, and by thinking outside the box, you might just come up with a way to dominate your market and put your brand on the map!

When it comes to online marketing solutions, Laetus Life has your business covered! We can take care of SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads campaigns to give your business the opportunity to dominate your online market and generate the reach to go viral! Feel free to contact us today if you have any enquiries on how we can assist your business.

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