The Importance of Website Maintenance

If your business has a website, it is crucial to maintain your website to get the most out of it. Think of your website as your digital storefront or information hub – constantly needing content updates, backend updates, and search engine optimisation (SEO) updates to keep it relevant.

Today, we discuss the importance of website maintenance – what it entails, how it can benefit your business, and why it is necessary.

Why is Website Maintenance Necessary?

There are several valid reasons for website maintenance to become a necessity for your website. When it comes to digital marketing and SEO, website maintenance ensures that your website is constantly updated to align it with Google’s latest algorithms. This will allow your website’s organic search rankings to improve over time and Google to have a better understanding of your website content for improved and more relevant organic lead generation.

From a security perspective, website maintenance ensures that your website is safe, secure, and has a recent backup in case your website becomes a target for a cyber-attack. Hackers can embed malicious content on your website without you even noticing or seeing it. However, Google sees the malicious content and can penalise your website for it accordingly. Therefore, it is crucial to have a recent backup of your website and ensure that your website is protected against cyber-threats.

Why is Website Maintenance Included in My Monthly Invoice?

Laetus Life Consulting offers monthly website maintenance services to align your website with Google’s latest algorithm updates and ensure the integrity of your website’s content. Monthly website maintenance is especially important for businesses that have eCommerce websites and rely on their website to sell their products/services. These services are pivotal to the continuation of your website, which is why they form part of our clients’ monthly invoice.

Can I Take Care of Website Maintenance Myself?

If you have the knowledge and skills, you can do your own website maintenance. However, Laetus Life Consulting offers professionals in the field of website development, SEO-friendly copy, and SEO elements to do it for you. Our professionals stay in the loop on the latest updates and news from Google to ensure that your website can stay relevant, and your organic rankings can improve accordingly.

Starting from Scratch with a Brand-New Website

At Laetus Life Consulting, we can assist our clients with comprehensive website development and maintenance services and solutions – including website content writing, an SEO foundation, and monthly maintenance services.

It is a tedious process to develop and implement a professional website for your business on your own. For the most part, it is difficult to fully comprehend content management systems and their backends when designing a website. Luckily, our professionals can assist you with these processes and deliver a professional website for your business!

Early website maintenance can play a make-or-break role for your website once it is developed and published, as Google crawler bots must first index your website and its content to show up on relevant Google searches. Without monthly website maintenance, Google can struggle to accurately index your website – which can lead to sudden drops in organic search rankings, especially during algorithm updates.

When you need a professional online marketing company to assist your business with website maintenance services, Laetus Life Consulting is your first choice! Contact us today to enquire about our online marketing services for your business and expand your horizons with our online marketing solutions.

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