How Should My Business Approach Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be a difficult concept to fully understand, especially when you want to try it for the first time. There are several terms being thrown around in the world of digital marketing, such as “SEO”, “ad spend”, and “ad bidding”. These terms can cause confusion if someone is unfamiliar with how digital marketing works.

Luckily, today’s focus is on how you should approach digital marketing and the important elements to consider when you want to try digital marketing for your business.

Budgets for Digital Marketing – How Much Should I Spend?

Typically, businesses want to reinvest in their marketing to ensure continuation and draw in more customers. In terms of annual turnover, businesses are likely to reinvest between 15% and 25% into digital marketing, dependent on their specific industry and the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

With Laetus Life Consulting on your side, we deliver monthly reporting on your campaigns, with advice and guidance on how much you should spend and how we can optimise your campaigns accordingly. Therefore, we can help you to find that sweet spot in terms of the percentage of annual turnover that your business should put towards digital marketing campaigns!

Why is Digital Marketing Important for My Business?

We live in a world that pivoted to digital platforms after the COVID-19 outbreak, which drastically increased the number of internet users over the past few years. The internet allows people to work from home and attend meetings wherever they are in the world – making it easier and more comfortable for everyone.

As a result, platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook are seeing a large increase in users, creating an ideal opportunity for digital marketing for your business!

My Company’s Initial Digital Marketing Focus

The initial focus should be on identifying the ideal online marketing platforms for your business. In other words, which digital platforms will result in the quickest ROI for your company? The answer to that question can include Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube, or any other digital marketing platform.

Once we have established the ideal marketing platforms, we can focus on long-term solutions in terms of optimising your campaigns, working towards better overall search rankings, and driving more traffic to your website and social media platforms.

Consistency is KEY in Digital Marketing

Consistency is one of the major elements behind a successful and optimised digital marketing campaign. Even if you are limited by budget, it pays off to keep your campaigns going as opposed to pausing or discontinuing your campaigns.

With machine learning, your campaigns are optimised over extended periods – increasing overall ROI and allowing us to utilise the gathered data to further optimise your campaigns in terms of spend, reach, and relevance. If you pause such a campaign, the data will be lost, and everything will start from scratch when you want to resume your campaign in the future.

Reaping the Benefits

In conclusion, digital marketing can open several opportunities on various online platforms for your business. SEO can optimise your website and improve organic rankings on Google, while Google Ads can be your answer to paid display and search ads. Now, your business can reap the benefits of digital marketing solutions to drive more business to your doorstep.

Trust Your Digital Marketing Experts

Laetus Life Consulting is your solution to digital marketing experts! Let us worry about the fancy terminology and the technical aspects of digital marketing on your behalf and give your business the means to spread its wings on digital platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook!

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