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Considering Google Advertising? Choose Laetus Life!

We live in a world that embraces technology and its benefits for businesses and communications purposes. As such, several businesses utilise online marketing to grow their reach and drive more traffic to their websites and social media platforms.

Google is one of the largest and most popular online entities – with thousands of search terms being processed every second around the world. If you are looking for online marketing experts in Pretoria who can assist you with Google advertising, Laetus Life Consulting is your answer!

What is Google Advertising?

When a user enters a search term in Google’s search engine, the result displays a list of relevant online sources that include a section for Google Ads at the very top of the list. These results are paid ads that were triggered by the specific keyword or search term that was originally entered by the user and commonly referred to as search ads.

Shopping ads are the only type of Google Ads that take priority over standard search ads, displaying above them on search results. Therefore, if you run an eCommerce site, you can directly advertise your products on Google via a Google Ads campaign – offering valuable information such as prices and availability without the need for that user to click through to your website.

Display ads make up the majority of the Google Display Network (GDN) – Google’s answer to advertise on other websites that enabled AdSense. Display Ads are usually banners and image slideshows, with the recent addition of videos as well, and are perfect for reaching broader audiences that might be interested in your products/services.

Gmail ads can be utilised to target Gmail accounts and can be a cost-efficient method to reach your target audience. This type of ad will show up in the “Promotions” section of a Gmail user’s inbox, giving you the means to advertise via email to add more context, information, or details about your products/services.

Video ads, also referred to as YouTube ads, are short video snippet advertisements that run on specific intervals of video that is viewed on YouTube – the world’s largest and most popular media sharing platform. These ads are also incorporated in the GDN for display purposes.

If your business is ready to take the next step in online marketing, Laetus Life Consulting is your solution in Pretoria! We can assist with Google advertising, SEO, and social media marketing solutions for your business. Feel free to contact us today if you have any enquiries about how we can assist your business!

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