Google Ads: Display Campaigns vs. Search Campaigns

Google Ads is an online advertising platform that is powered by Google – not only for their search engine, but also for websites that have dedicated Google ad space. The Google Display Network incorporates display ads that show up on other websites in the form of text, banner, and image ads, while Google Search ads show up in the sponsored section when Google generates search results that are based off search terms. Today, we look at the difference between the 2 and how both can work to the benefit of your business!

Google Ads Search Campaigns – Intent

Google Ads search campaigns are perfect for businesses that want to market with intent – referring to running ads that contain ad text such as “buy [product] [location]”. For example, if your business sells running shoes in Pretoria, your ad text would read “buy running shoes Pretoria” – directly targeting a user who entered such a phrase into Google.

The biggest benefit of Google Ads search campaigns is that your ads are targeting users who have the intent to purchase a product – almost like going for the low-hanging fruit. Its purpose is to generate relevant leads and conversions for your products/services by giving users exactly what they want.

Google Ads Display Campaigns – Introduction and Awareness

Google Ads display campaigns do not target specific keywords that are entered into a search engine – utilising online behaviour, search history, and specific ad placements on websites that have Google ad space instead. If you want to grow your brand online and raise awareness about your products/services, Google Display Ads can allow you to achieve these goals.

Several popular websites, such as online news platforms, have dedicated Google ad space that display ads from the Google Display Network – based on the user’s specific parameters. As a result, this type of marketing can introduce users to a product/service that could be relevant to them or show them the newest offerings from their most-frequently visited e-Commerce site, if that website is running Google Display Ads.

Which One Should I Choose for My Business?

Both search and display ads have their benefits and unique approaches to achieve different outcomes for your business. We believe that both can work in synergy for your business – allowing you to market to users with the intent to buy, as well as users who might have never heard of your brand before. By casting a wide net, you will catch the most fish – it is as simple as that.

Laetus Life Consulting can assist your business with the setup and maintenance of Google Search and Display ad campaigns – with monthly reporting to analyse and optimise the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Google search campaigns are all about ROI and generating leads with the intent to buy or convert, while Google Display Ads target a broad audience to raise brand awareness and introduce your products/services to relevant users.

All Roads Lead to Your Website

When a user clicks on your ad, whether search or display, they will be redirected to that specific product/service on your website. Therefore, your website must be user-friendly and easy to navigate – allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for.

We can assist with Google Ads, SEO, and social media marketing solutions to give your business the very best when it comes to digital marketing solutions! Choose Laetus Life Consulting today for all your digital marketing needs.

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