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Your Business Partner in Digital Marketing

Marketing is an essential element of any business. If a company emphasises the importance of marketing, they are bound to reap the rewards and benefits of their efforts. Digital marketing is still a fairly new method in comparison to printed media. However, it is considered to be more effective than other marketing methods, as it can be utilised as a below-the-line strategy to directly target your intended audience and pull in more potential customers. If you need a digital marketing company in Pretoria, Laetus Life Consulting is your answer to a comprehensive approach to online marketing solutions.

The Broad Reach of the Internet

The internet is constantly evolving and growing as the world’s largest digital network. Today, search engines such as Google can help you find anything on the internet, while social media platforms such as Facebook connects you with your friends and family and allows you to socially interact with others on a digital platform. Your company can also have its own website, serving as your online hub that can provide information about your products/services. You can also sell your products online through your website. As a result, the broad reach of the internet can assist any business when utilised accordingly.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media platforms are vastly popular among South Africans, with more than 30 million users throughout 2019 in a country that is home to 60 million people. This ever-growing figure of social media users in South Africa creates an online audience that your business can target with social media marketing solutions. We can assist your business on several social media platforms to establish and grow a platform where you can directly interact with your audience and take online marketing to new levels of efficiency for your company.

Marketing Solutions Built Around Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. In South Africa, an estimated 38 million people are internet users, of which 98% of them prefer Google as their go-to search engine. As a digital marketing company in Pretoria, our SEO marketing solutions are based on Google algorithms and regulations to optimise your website accordingly and work towards higher organic search rankings. Google also offers a paid ad platform – Google Ads – that allows a business to place paid ads that will show when someone googles a relevant search term. Google Ads also expands to banner ads, shopping ads, and YouTube video ads.

Laetus Life Consulting is your digital marketing company in Pretoria, and can be your business partner to establish, grow, and optimise your online marketing campaigns and digital presence. Please contact us today for details on how we can assist your company.

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