ChatGPT: A Clear Definition

Information Technology has become one of the most leaned-upon industries – with various forms of hardware and software to assist us in our professions and personal lives. Today, we live in a world where most people need a computer to do their job, and use personal computers to search the internet and connect on social media platforms. Over the years, various AI bots have been programmed to serve several purposes, with ChatGPT being one of the latest chat bots.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chat bot that is programmed to interact in a conversational method to answer logical questions, admit its own mistakes, challenge premises that it deems “incorrect”, and reject requests that it deems “inappropriate”. Although most people see ChatGPT as a content creator, the simple truth is that it isn’t the first chat bot in existence that is considered as a replacement for human content writers, and still has similar flaws to previous AI chat bots.

Disruptive Technology

There are several examples of how technology disrupted education, professional careers, and human interaction. In some cases, these disruptions can be considered as improvements, while in other cases, we have allowed ourselves to become dependent on technology. An excellent example is the calculator.

During the early days of the calculator, teachers tried to ban the use of a calculator to solve mathematical problems. Their reasoning was that the human brain, and the development of the brain’s functionality to solve mathematical problems, will be degraded completely. They were right.

How Does This Apply to ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is used by students to do their homework/projects for them – creating generic copy that generates answers on their behalf, based on the content that is fed to the AI. Once again, teachers and lecturers are trying to ban the use of ChatGPT, as the purpose of homework/projects is to test the knowledge of the student and not their ability to use a chat bot.

Can ChatGPT Generate Website Content and SEO Copy?

The simple answer, yes it can. Should you use it to generate copy? No, you shouldn’t. As with any chat bot, including ChatGPT’s predecessors, they do not comprehend the nuances of SEO copy and website content; or their functions to improve your website’s organic rankings and create a user-friendly experience for users who visit your website.

Logic and Reasoning

AI chat bots are built on various parameters that grant them a basic level of logic and reasoning. For example, if you ask ChatGPT to solve a mathematical equation or answer a factual question, it gives you a correct answer. However, when faced with a question that exceeds basic logic and reasoning, it cannot deliver its own opinion and falls back on the content that is fed to the AI to generate an accommodating answer.

The Human Element

Humans can think for themselves and come up with opinions that are based on their unique perspective of the world around them. AI has not yet reached the functionality of forming their own opinions and giving a unique answer to illogical questions. For the most part, AI struggles with basic grammar and translations, and fails to adhere to regional English – only knowing and using American English that has several distinctive differences to Oxford English, for example.

Trust Your Experts

We live in a world where AI is used to drive cars, generate answers for educational exams/projects, and play music that falls within your taste – none of which have reached a point where they are flawless. When it comes to website content, sharable BLOG content, and SEO copy, trust your human experts to deliver sensible solutions for your business!

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