A Professional Google Advertising Company in Gauteng

When you need a professional Google advertising company in Gauteng, Laetus Life Consulting is your all-inclusive solution! We offer a variety of online marketing services that includes Google Ads campaign setup, management, and maintenance, along with web development, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation. Today, we talk about the efficiency of Google advertising and how a Google Ads campaign can expand your brand’s reach and drive more traffic to your website.

Google Ads – A Brief Description

Google Ads gives you an ad platform that integrates into Google’s search engine – displaying targeted ads above organic search results and with the “Sponsored” tag to let the users know that it is an ad as opposed to an organic result. Therefore, if you run a Google Ads campaign, your ads will show up when users search for relevant keywords and search terms on Google Search and Maps. These ads operate on a pay-per-click basis – meaning that your daily budget will only spend when a user clicks your ad and not for any ad impressions.

The Google Display Network

As part of a Google Ads campaign, your business can run a Google Display campaign for image, banner, and video ads. Display campaigns utilise the Google Display Network to source and display visually engaging ads on various websites and platforms that include YouTube, specifically for video ads. Display advertising can be difficult and confusing to set up and optimise. Luckily, as your Google advertising company in Gauteng, our experts can assist you with such a campaign, along with monthly reports and maintenance to optimise your Display campaign and draw more users to your website.

Google Performance Max Campaigns

As the new kid on the block, it can be difficult to completely comprehend Google’s Performance Max campaigns and the functionality of such a campaign for your business. Performance Max, or PMAX for short, is a goal-based campaign type that draws from your entire Google Ads inventory to complement keyword-based search campaigns and help you find more sources of ad conversion across the entirety of Google’s ad platforms – including Gmail, Maps, Discover, and YouTube to name a few.

Laetus Life Consulting is your all-inclusive answer to a professional Google advertising company in Gauteng! We can assist your business with a variety of Google Ads campaigns to target the ideal audience for your business through Google. Contact us today if you have any questions on how we can assist your business with Google advertising!

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