A Definition of Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are marketing agencies that deliver online marketing solutions to their clients. Living in a world where most people have internet access, we see a constantly evolving landscape of digital marketers and platforms that can be used for marketing purposes.

With today’s article, we answer a couple of crucial questions – questions that you should consider when want your business to get the most out of your digital marketing agency in South Africa.

What does a digital marketing agency do for a business?

A digital marketing agency delivers smart and effective online marketing strategies and solutions for a business – revolving around their website. If your business doesn’t have a website, your digital marketing agency can develop a website that is user-friendly, as well as optimised for Google’s crawler bots to index the content of your website on relevant search terms.

Your digital marketing agency should also offer monthly website maintenance to keep your website up to date with Google’s everchanging search algorithms. This is accompanied by monthly reports on the performance of your website to cover key areas such as keyword performance, website traffic, and the like.

What is the difference between various types of digital marketing agencies?

As with any industry, there are different types of digital marketing agencies – offering different types of specialties. You want a digital marketing agency that can do it all on a professional level. By “all”, we refer to search engine optimisation (SEO), website design and development, online copywriting, social media marketing, and Google Ads campaign management. These are the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Which services can an integrated digital marketing agency offer?

In short, any and all of the above-mentioned services should be delivered by a digital marketing agency. Some agencies can go above and beyond with value-added services for your business. These services can include digital marketing consulting, training courses on specific elements of online marketing, and in-detail reporting meetings to talk you through the month’s statistics – which can be difficult to understand for newcomers to digital marketing.

You want a digital marketing agency that is not afraid to answer your questions when you are unsure about certain statistics in your monthly reports. When it comes to professional business, you always get results based on what you put into it – a basic business concept. Your digital marketing agency should understand this concept as well.

What makes a digital marketing agency unique?

What sets digital marketing agencies apart from each other is the people who work for them and the way they deliver their services for your business. This also covers specialties in this specific industry. With the ease of access that the internet provides us, communications are no longer a challenge, and can be done through several channels. Therefore, you should discuss your preferred means of communication to ensure a transparent relationship with your ideal agency and ensure that they can deliver on your expectations.

How do I choose the ideal digital marketing agency for my business?

Do some market research and ask affiliates for their opinions on various marketing agencies. The world of digital marketing has been around for more than a decade in South Africa. You want an agency that caters to your specific needs as a business and can deliver on what you expect from such an agency. Whether your decision is based on their specialties or client recommendations, it is crucial to choose an agency that you can walk a professional path with throughout the wilderness of digital marketing.

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