Life Coaching

Helping you change from the inside out

Weekly 1-on-1 sessions are a wonderful way to invest in yourself for a happier you.

Sometimes we only know that we need to start doing something different because we feel that our life is not fulfilling. Majority of the time, clients come to life coaching to figure out the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of their journey.

Laetus Life Coaching can help you with a variety of issues, such as:

  • Dealing with body-image / self-image issues.
  • Helping you make the mental shift to live a healthier life.
  • Help you to form new habits.
  • Dealing with the impact that losing weight or a transformation has had or still has on your life.
  • Help you to rediscover your passions.
  • Help you to appreciate yourself and see your self-worth.
  • Help you deal with issues that hinder you from truly living today.
  • Help you overcome self-sabotage and many other issues.

Pricing & Options

Let me help you transform your life, business or school.