Laetitia’s Story

About Laetitia

Laetitia Dee is the CEO & Founder of Laetus Life. She is a Life Coach and holds a BA Psychology Degree. She is busy completing her Honours Degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology.

In 2012 Laetitia registered Laetus Life – Health & Fitness of which Coaching was the main goal. She believes in inside-out transformation and educating people about the importance of investing just as much into emotional health than physical health.

Laetitia managed to successfully change her own lifestyle, thus she not only has knowledge about health & fitness, but she also talks from personal experience and is very equipped to advise others on their journey.

“When I put my mind on something, I do it – I don’t think twice about it and I don’t look back.”

Business Coaching

In 2014 Laetitia was selected as the only representative from Africa to take part in an exclusive global business coaching program and this is where her passion for the business world started. Now she assists numerous entrepreneurs & businesses in growing their business and compiling effective marketing strategies.

While completing her BA Psychology Degree, Laetitia was a youth worker for almost 3 years and during this time she mentored approximately 350 children and teachers. Since then she has vowed to always be invested in making lasting changes in the lives of the next generation.

In October 2018 Laetitia decided to expand her business into all the different departments that she initially envisioned when she registered her company. The Laetus Life Group now consists of Laetus Life Coaching, Laetus Life Consulting and, Laetus Life Schools.

Let me help you transform your life, business or school.