Courageous Women Arise


The CWA has become more than an event, it has become a movement where like-minded women can come together and support one another.

Wholefully Nourished

Living a Well Nourished Life


A 4-Week Email Program written & compiled by Elzette Struwig covering the following topics:
  • What is nutrition?
  • Healthy Living for a busy lifestyle
  • Staying focused when times get tough
  • Busting the myth and keeping it real

How to Pick Yourself Up After a Failed Relationship

The Road to Healing & Happiness


A 4-Week Email Program written & compiled by Marilyn Welch covering the following topics:
  • Looking Inwards
  • Looking Upwards
  • Looking Onwards
  • Becoming a Winner

Faith Forward

Having Faith Through Difficult Times


A 4-Week Email Program written & compiled by Alta Strauss covering the following topics:
  • Life is suffering, but in God we find meaning
  • Think for a Change
  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Triumphs of Faith

Financially Fit

Your Journey Towards Financial Success


A 4-Week Email Program written & compiled by Ronel Jooste covering the following topics:

  • The importance of Financial Fitness in your life
  • How to become Financially Fit & Wealthy
  • Protect your Wealth
  • Moving from Financially Fit to Financially Free

Let me help you transform your life, business or school.