Success stories from satisfied clients


Success stories from satisfied clients


More than just consulting. Laetitia handles the project as if it’s her own. 

Attention to detail, thinking out the box and advice uncompromising to any I have dealt with in the past 25 years. True professional on all levels. If you have not used Laetus Life Consulting get in contact with them today!!! We’re now a client for life.

Andre Wagner

Laetitia is the lady behind Laetus Life Consulting.

She is a lady that can help look at your business in an objective way. She is very passionate and meticulous about her work and only wants the best for your business.
I enjoy working with her as she allows you to communicate your ideas in an open platform and assists by fine tuning them and also giving constructive feedback.
If your brand needs assistance with Marketing Strategies and Campaign Management then you’ve arrived at the right place!

Angela Hsu

She helped to put together our marketing plan & budget to benefit our needs. 

Laetitia is very thorough with her communication and meetings. Always professional and well presented. Willingness to help and see through tasks that needed to be done.

Nothing is ever too much to ask of her. She is always willing to help.

Ronald van Lochem

I can guarantee that you will have to look far and wide to find anyone like Laetitia and Laetus Life.

I have never come across the level of professionalism and proficiency they operate at. They have transformed my outlook on business after almost 14 years in business which I did not think was possible anymore. I was pleasantly surprised to come across a company that works at my pace and appreciates the business relationship more than anything else.

Laetitia leaves “no stone unturned” to get a suitable outcome for anything we need. She is always ready to assist with anything even if it’s not part of our immediate business dealings. She has a clear passion to connect people and companies even if there’s no financial gain for her. We always feel that our needs come first. Laetitia keeps going till the job is done and done right the first time. Her project management style is unmatched. I have never seen anyone manage at the level she does. The most difficult task is a breeze for her. Working with Laetitia has changed my business and we have reach new levels is a very short amount of time that I did not think was possible this quick. She will change your business and take it to the next level guaranteed.

This question from me to her will sum up my entire experiences with Laetitia and Laetus Life and that was “where have you been all my business life”. I recommended Laetus Life to anyone without a doubt.

Aylwin Kruger

Laetitia is very thorough & always walks the extra mile.

Laetitia is innovative and thinks out of the box. Laetitia found the most beneficial ways to market my business by truly listening to what I had to say. She also encouraged me to create my digital products which I never had before, which are now a source of continual increased monthly revenue.

Apart from the ways she has benefited by business she is an individual with superb standards to which I can aspire.

Marilyn Welch

I was always happy with Laetitia’s level of service. 

Laetitia is professional, friendly & very knowledgeable. She encouraged me to make the changes that I needed to make. She gave me good advice and always guided me through the process.

A lot of attention to detail.

Coenie Oosthuizen

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