Success stories from satisfied clients


Success stories from satisfied clients


Laetitia is a qualified life coach, with a lot to offer for her clients.

Laetitia is my life coach for around two years now and I have found her to be honest, loyal and very helpful with my weight loss journey. My journey with Laetitia started when I started losing a lot of my body weight, I was emotionally confused and just negative and unsure about the whole process.

As I had my first session with Laetitia 2 years ago, she made me feel comfortable and was willing to help me at my own pace, she also made it fun and worthwhile by teaching life skills to improve my inner peace. She contributed towards my journey in many different aspects, physical, mental and emotional.

I would most definitely recommend her for any person who is in need of physical and mental reassurance, she especially focuses on women and is doing a fantastic job. Thank you Laetitia, I know I will be with you for more years to come.

Claudia Hendrikz

I can definitely feel that I am getting stronger and well on my way to a healthy lifestyle!

Laetitia has not only helped me on a physical side, but also identified emotional issues and is helping me deal with these whilst enabling me to make my body stronger and make more informed decisions regarding my physical well-being!

I will recommend her to anyone willing to walk this path of healthy living!”

Vernize Van Eeden

She helped me to have a more positive attitude and now I look forward to go exercise every day.

Laetitia has helped me to become healthy and increase my self-confidence.

Overall I feel good about myself and more stress free. She helped me to change my lifestyle which is a great thing. She supports me and encourages me to become better and better every day.

She motivates me – whether it’s with dieting, exercising or just to make me feel good, she has a way with words, and I’m grateful to have her as my trainer. She is excellent at what she does. Thank you Laetitia for continuing to help me reach my goal!

Chane Janse van Rensburg

Thank you for igniting my love for being healthy and confident.

I started training with Laetitia at the end of 2012. When I started I was a shy girl with a low self esteem and a negative mindset about myself. Laetitia is not only a trainer, she is a life couch. She helped me trough tough times with life couching sessions and changed my mindset to be positive and increased my self esteem.

I still train with her through online training. Her body and mind revamp program is great to make the final changes to your mindset into a self loving and accepting one. During the couching I have achieved my intial fitness and physique objective. She builds a personal relationship with her clients that transform into a friendship.

Esmarie Mienie

She helped me to stay focused on my end-goal, while enjoying the process.

Laetitia has a passion for her job and her clients and this is the reason for her success. She is a great motivator and helped me to keep going when I wanted to give up. Although she is very professional, she still comes across as a people’s person


Laetitia helped me to find me.

I attended a workshop Laetitia had organised. I won a session with her. I have only had the pleasure having 3 sessions to date. In that short time she had done some amazing work with me. In my first session within 10 min she had me in tears and had got to the core of things that the hurt of my divorce was still with me although I thought I had dealt with it. It was the hurt of the lies and deceitfulness that was still deep down. Going forward in the next sessions we set out to find out who I am. Laetitia had started a process in me to discover who I was. She made me aware that I shouldn’t be stressing about the stuff that I can’t change. It is important to invest in oneself. We are so worth it. It was incredibly useful to have someone like Laetitia setting me on the right path to a better happier, healthier life.

With my mind set changing I started to lose weight and my future is uphill all the way.

Laetitia has such incredible passion to help woman change our mind set and to achieve our goals and live the best life we can.

Megan Balzer

Laetitia has the ability to enable you to discover the real you and then to build the body that compliments that new you!

Laetitia has taught me that there are many things in life that one invests in, but none as important as ~ the real you! Not the one striving for acceptance by weighing a certain weight. Not the one striving to do a fitness show. The one who is awesomely and fearfully made by her Master. It is good to dream and have aims and goals that you want to reach, this I learnt from Laetitia.

However, if the price of those dreams and goals cause you to lose yourself, give up or forsake the real you, cause doubt and constant pressure or stress in your mind and body, then those dreams were not born from goodness and honour.

It is true that we humans consist of body, mind and soul, but for the Real You to emerge, you have to change the order to spirit, mind and body. We are not given a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. If your spirit is strong and healthy and the mind is sound, the body will have no choice but to follow.

It is good to dream, it is good to have goals ,but they are there to serve you and not the other way round. You are not what you have accomplished, you are not your failures, you are you! Awesomely and fearfully created. Laetitia does not talk at you from a distance, but has travelled the road that she talks about and know what it entails.

Anette Joubert

I share my journey with others to reflect the possibility of making a life change no matter how tough things may seem.

I feel honoured by the request to write about my experience of being coached by you.

I will start off by going back to last year 2014 when I joined the 8 week online course, the “Reboot your mind-set program” I remember looking forward to your morning email and the excitement of completing the exercises given by you and learning how important it is to not only change your habits in life but also your way of thinking and the approach to the habits you are aiming to change.

The challenges that I was facing then and the changes I aimed to make could not have been accomplished without your guidance and help. Thank you for that.

One afternoon I came across Laetitia’s online course on Facebook. I looked into it and thought to myself I need extra assistance. Laetitia also mentioned in her blog that she had also competed in competitions before and faced emotional eating setbacks in her past. I signed up to the 8 week course and it was exactly what I needed to push myself mentally that extra mile and to help me realise that I don’t have to be 110% perfect. I tend to strive to do everything at my best capability which is great but when I fail at something or don’t do as well as I would have liked to I get very down about it and tend to be very hard on myself which resulted in my setbacks. Laetitia having a physiological background helped me extremely in this area as I was helped to accept myself more (have a little more self-love ☺) Not to always have such an extreme right & wrong or black & white approach but to find a little grey at times and to enjoy the moment more.

Incorporating these elements together with the info supplied on the course, helped me achieve my goals like I planned to set out to do. I entered the Rossi competition and enjoyed it so much that I took on the next competition the Body Beautiful, 8 weeks later where I was placed 5th and 6th in the two categories that I entered.

After completing the events in November 2014, I contacted Laetitia again to meet up twice a week and discuss my plans forward and also helping me through post comp experiences, to achieve balance with regards to eating and training and being the best person I can aim to be.

I advise to reach out for help when you feel you are struggling to meet the goals or dreams you have set out to meet. Laetitia is an amazing lady. She not only has the qualifications but also the experience of a few of the general hurdles we are faced with in life and why not learn from her and use her advice, make your journey a little less hard and allow yourself to improve towards your greatest potential!

Natalie Hamilton

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