Discover my transformation process


Discover my transformation process


” I haven’t always lived the fitness lifestyle, as a matter of fact I used to be 20-30kg over weight my entire life.”


I wouldn’t say that I had a particular ‘a-ha’ moment that made me notice my unhealthy weight or lifestyle as I’ve been overweight since I was about seven years old.

I was always teased at school and never did any sports as I was scared of being last or failing to do an activity due to me being overweight. At one stage I actually weighed 90kg, but managed to get down to 80kg at the age of 17. It was somewhere during this stage of my life that I just decided that I had enough of being overweight. I didn’t want to be laughed at anymore and I also wanted to be able to fit into nice clothes.

I hated being overweight and I hated feeling self-conscious about it all the time. I really wanted to be thin, but at that point it felt as if being thin or fit wasn’t something that I would ever achieve.


I heard that one of my friends went on the Dr. Rami Cohen Diet and had achieved amazing results. I decided to do some research on this particular diet and I loved what I found. No shakes and no pills, only healthy foods and exercise. Right there and then I decided that I would follow the diet too.

I woke up one morning and started dieting. I started with the diet at the beginning of June 2006 and five months later I had lost 20kg.

I’m the type of person that when I put my mind on something, I do it –
I don’t think twice about it and I don’t look back.

Losing the weight has changed everything about my life. I love the fact that I now live a healthy life. I love how exercise makes my body feel and look.

Going through my transformation has made me realise that I’m passionate about helping other women who may be struggling with the same issues as I did. I want women to realise their worth and I want them to be able to honestly say that they love themselves.